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4 documentários co-autorais     pelos doc nomads*  
                                                            DocNomads 7th Edition (2018-2020)

Sexta,   9/11;  19h00  asm - auditório soror mariana

3 duplas (som &   imagem) x 2 = 6  elementos

(mestrantes de Armenia, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, China, Ecuador, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, India, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Moldova, Morocco, Pakistan, Russian Federation, Netherlands, e Vietnam)

e apoio local de vários alunos da EArtes/UÉ, serviços da CME, associação  SOIR e muitos rostos da porta do vizinho

4   premisas: janelas, pedras, traços e outras criaturas

12 dias de trabalho (pre-produção, rodagem, pos-produção, edição, exibição/apresentação)

                                          THE MOBILE FILM SCHOOL


DocNomads is the first joint master in Europe in the field of FILM that was granted the right to use the Erasmus Mundus brand name and the grant support of the European Commission for the first five editions.
About twenty-five students from all around the world follow a mobility track from Lisbon to Brussels, via Budapest. In doing so, students are immersed within different cultural environments, learning how to make use of their abilities outside their usual social contexts.
Directing is essentially learnt through making films out in the real world. Students are asked to confront the aesthetic and practical challenges generated by the actual process of filmmaking and in doing so develop their critical thinking skill; gain autonomy in multifarious disciplines; and build – throughout the course – their own repertoire of formal approaches.
Upon completion of the program, degree holders will be prepared and qualified to enter a professional life in the craft of documentary filmmaking – as directors, as producers, as independent artists.

Színház- és Filmművészeti Egyetem/University of Theatre and Film Arts/Budapest/Hungary 
LUCA, College Sint Lukas Brussels/Belgium.

UC Directing in the Field

Fieldwork in Evora

Course supervisors: Margarida Cardoso and Tiago Hespanha

This course aims at complementing students’ theoretical and practical knowledge in documentary film directing, by means of a film exercise departing from an assigned topic and focusing in subjects to be encountered within the territory of a small area in regional Portugal, to which students will be brought in.

This immersive fieldwork experience on location will take place in a period of about two weeks, in which students team up in groups to carry out the tasks of research, develop and produce short length collaborative documentaries under the guidance of their instructors.

Building in previously acquired knowledge on artistic, technical and methodological aspects that intervene in the making of the documentary film, this learning experience aims at students improve skills to cooperate with team partners in creating collective film projects under the constrained framework of intensive film production in unfamiliar environments.

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